Connect OPC DA servers and clients

OPC Data Access (Classic), or OPC DA, is the most widely-used industrial protocol from the OPC Foundation, providing a means to connect industrial hardware and other devices to Windows applications, using OPC DA servers and clients.

The Cogent DataHub can act as both an OPC DA server and client program at the same time. This means it can read from multiple OPC DA servers (while acting as a client) and make this data available to any number of OPC DA client programs (while acting as a server).

This OPC DA server and client support is fully integrated with all other DataHub features. You can use the DataHub to tunnel OPC DA across a network to avoid using DCOM, connect OPC DA servers to any SQL database, display and access OPC DA data via WebView, connect to Modbus or Excel, send emails, or support OPC server-to-server bridging, data aggregation, redundancy, and more.

OPC DA screen capture

These products support OPC DA

Product Code Features
DataHub OPC Gateway DHGAT * OPC DA, OPC UA
DataHub DA Tunneller DHTUN * OPC DA, Tunnel/Mirror
DataHub DA Logger DHLOG * OPC DA, Database
DataHub DA Bridge DHBRG * OPC DA, Bridging
DataHub DA WebView DHWV * OPC DA, Tunnel/Mirror, WebView, Web Server, Historian
DataHub Modbus DA Server DHMB * OPC DA, Modbus
OPC DA DataHub OPCDH * OPC DA, Tunnel/Mirror, Database, Bridging, Excel/DDE, System Monitor, Email/SMS

OPC DA is also available as an add-on feature

Product Code Features