MQTT Broker

Connect MQTT clients

Exchange data in real time between your system and any MQTT client.  This feature turns the DataHub into an on-premise MQTT gateway, connecting MQTT clients with any DataHub client or server for any supported protocol—OPC, Modbus, ODBC, DDE and more.

MQTT broker screen capture

What it Does

It accepts connections from any number of MQTT clients, allowing them to publish data or subscribe to other MQTT client data.

  • Can convert MQTT to OPC UA, DA (classic), Modbus TCP, ODBC or any other protocol the DataHub supports when added to other product packs,
  • Can act as an on-premise MQTT solution.
  • Supports full on-premise/cloud and hybrid approach for IoT

Why Use the DataHub’s MQTT Broker?

There is nothing else like it. Although there are many open source MQTT brokers available like Mosquitto, none offer an out of box connection to OPC UA, DA, Modbus TCP or ODBC. What’s more, the DataHub assigns each point a quality status, so that every client knows if any connection fails.

Here are some other advantages:

  • There are no point limits.
  • Automatic point hierarchy.
  • Customizable port configuration
  • Customizable JSON data format supports most MQTT applications.
  • Supports username/password authentication, Last Will and Testament, and Quality of Service message delivery
  • Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), certificate-based authentication, username/password authentication, and WebSocket connections

The MQTT Broker feature can be added to any license pack.

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