A common point of access for all your data

For anything but the simplest of systems today, you will probably find yourself configuring separate client connections to multiple sources of data. The Cogent DataHub’s aggregation feature helps you gather data from multiple sources and present it to client programs as a single, unified data set. A single connection to the DataHub gives you access to data from all connected OPC, DDE or TCP sources. You can also aggregate data from ODBC databases and data entered through web interfaces.

DataHub Aggregation diagram

Benefits of data aggregation

  • Reduce load on clients by making all of your data available through a single connection.
  • Accessing data through a single client connection can also save you money if your client application required a license for each server connection.
  • Bringing data from multiple sources together into one location allows you to easily bridge between different OPC Servers so that data from one server can be accessed in another server.
  • Collect data from all of your OPC, DDE, ODBC, Web and TCP connected applications and present it to the user as a shared common data set.
  • Writing custom applications is much easier when you can access data from multiple servers through a common interface, such as that offered by the DataHub API. Client program never need to know which program originated the data in order to read and write to it.

Aggregation is part of the DataHub Core, and is thus available in all products.