DataHub APIs

Connect custom programs

The DataHub APIs are a fully open set of application development interfaces that allow you to connect custom programs to the Cogent DataHub, using DHTP. These APIs are provided with both object code and source code examples and set out a very simple set of commands that allow you to both read and write data to the DataHub. The DataHub architecture allows each custom program to exchange data with every other application connected to the DataHub, regardless of protocol.

C++, .NET and Java APIs

Each of these APIs lets you write programs in that connect to the DataHub over TCP, namely LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The DataHub API for C++ is for connecting C++ programs. The DataHub API for Java lets you connect programs written in Java. The DataHub API for .NET is implemented in C#, but can be used with any .NET language.


These DataHub APIs do not require a license. However, if you create programs using them, each concurrent connection to the DataHub requires its own TCP Link License.

More Information

For more information please view our online documentation.