Remote Config

Convenient configuration options

Starting with Version 9, you can configure the DataHub remotely or while it is running as a service using the Remote Config feature, which is included with all Version 9 licenses.

Remote Configuration screen capture
Why Use Remote Config?
  • Manage a network of DataHub installations from one location.
  • Configure the DataHub while it is running as a service.
  • Access to configuration changes can be controlled:
    • User control (user name, password)
    • Each feature can be allowed independently
    • Configure locally, remotely, or both
  •  Comes standard in all Version 9 license packs.
  • DataHub Version 9 or higher.
  • An open inbound firewall port to connect.
  • DataHub Web Server must be enabled. (Note: Each DataHub v9 license pack enables DataHub Web Server support for a Remote Config connection.)

Remote Config is part of the DataHub Core, and is thus available in all Products.