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Store data in InfluxDB® and InfluxDB Cloud™

Use the DataHub External Historian feature to send data to these two popular historians. InfluxDB is an open source time series database, that comes with Chronograf and Grafana for creating dashboards and doing analysis. InfluxDB Cloud is a time series database offered as a service. InfluxDB ships with DataHub software, so it’s easy to install.

You can

  • Collect data at high speeds (50,000 writes/sec) with millisecond time resolution.
  • Create web-based dashboards with trend displays and analytical tools.
  • Store data efficiently through compression, filtering, and interpolation.
  • Make years of information available online.
  • Source data from any of these DataHub features:
  • Tunnel data across a network (when combined with Tunneller feature)
    • Send historical data across a network.
    • Stream securely through proxy servers and DMZs.
    • Built-in store-and-forwarding.
    • No VPNs, no open Inbound firewall ports.

Unique Advantages

Single source of truth

  • Record and leverage big data.
  • Measure process efficiency through statistical analysis.
  • Link to ERP systems for business analysis.
  • Justify future investment based on hard data.

Process optimization

  • Improve process control and operations.
  • Continuously upgrade product quality.
  • Compare past and present operations.

Troubleshooting and predictive analytics

  • Improve predictive maintenance.
  • Enhance anomaly detection for unplanned downtime.
  • Analyze the root causes of problems.

Comprehensive benefits

  • Monitor power and energy consumption and waste.
  • Verify legal and regulatory compliance
  • Track and trace serialization
  • Improve inventory management

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