About Cogent

Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. was incorporated in May, 1995 by a group of engineering and software professionals who recognized a need for robust, flexible tools to solve the wide variety of process control issues not addressed by standard products. We found that most tools on the market make it easy to solve 80% of the problem, but almost impossible to do the final 20%. Using innovative principles such as dynamic message passing and a loosely coupled architecture, we have developed a series of middleware products to support real-time collection and distribution of data for industrial and financial applications.

We first introduced software for the QNX real-time operating system, and included a means to make live data connections to Windows programs using TCP and DDE. In 1999 we expanded our product base to include a Linux to Windows solution. In 2001, with the advent of more powerful computers and the introduction of Windows XP, we began work to port our real-time data architecture to the Windows platform.

Soon after this work began, we discovered demand for our products in the financial sector, to share data between Microsoft Excel applications. The development work was augmented by the inclusion of the OPC industrial protocol, and in 2006 the OPC DataHub software was released. In 2008 we initiated projects to expand capabilities for connecting to embedded systems, as well as enhance data integration, storage, and web-based data display. These projects culiminated in the release of the Cogent DataHub and DataHub WebView in 2010.

Since 2011 Cogent has been working with its parent company, Skkynet, to integrate the Cogent DataHub with Skkynet’s SkkyHub and ETK technologies, to develop a complete Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution.


Our customers come from all industrial sectors: automation and control, energy and untilities, manufacturing, financial, chemicals, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, aerospace, food processing, engineering, and more. They include such companies as Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, IBM, GE, Equinor, Goodyear, BASF, Cadbury Chocolate, BMW, Procter & Gamble, Rolls-Royce, John Deere, GlaxoSmithKline, and the Bank of Canada. See more…


Cogent sales partners provide local representation and support for our full range of software products, while our technical partners offer complimentary products that have been tested with our software. Read more…