Cogent DataHub® Products

Purpose-specific sets of DataHub features

The Cogent DataHub Products provide selected sets of DataHub features that allow users to accomplish data connection and integration tasks.

All connections, full integration, and complete visualization package.

Aggregate, standardize, and secure your MQTT data.

Send your OPC UA and DA data to Azure, Google, AWS, or any MQTT broker.

Connect OPC UA servers to OPC DA clients, or OPC DA servers to OPC UA clients.

Connect OPC DA, Modbus, or DDE over a network.

Log OPC or Modbus data to a database, also query the database.

Bridge data between OPC servers.

Build web-based HMIs to display and interact with OPC data.

Integrate OPC data using several popular features.

Access Windows system data in real time.

Connect Modbus TCP devices and OPC-enabled applications.

Share Microsoft Excel data over a network.