DataHub DDE Tunneller

Connect any DDE-enabled program like Excel across a network

The DataHub DDE Tunneller connects to any number of different DDE-enabled programs like Excel, and allows you to easily share that data with other DataHubs across a network or Internet connection. A common use for the DDE Tunneller is to share data from Excel spreadsheets across a network.

Note: another way to connect Excel to the DataHub is using the Vine Add-in.

DataHub DDE Tunneller diagram
  • Reduces communication complexities by reading the data into the DataHub and then tunnelling it to other DataHub instances, using DHTP. No need to perform protocol conversion until you connect to the client program on the other end of the tunnel.
  • Supports SSL encryption for better security.
  • Connects directly to Skkynet’s SkkyHub service for networking Excel data between remote locations.
  • Unlimited number of tunnel connections per DataHub instance.

Popular add-on features for the DataHub DDE Tunneller include Email/SMS notification to receive an email or SMS message based on data changes, data historian to store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds, and data redundancy to do hot standby switching between identical data sources.