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Fully customized email notifications

Need to know when your process is running at high temperatures, but can’t be tied to your desk all day (or night)? Have a regular report you need to email to managers each Monday with summary data from the previous week? Want to receive a text message on your cell phone with data from your OPC servers whenever the production line goes down?

Now you can all do of these, using the Email/SMS feature of the Cogent DataHub. A point and click interface lets you construct the message and embed values from any point in the DataHub, so that each message you send out has the latest data from the field. Messages can be sent based on trigger conditions, specific times of day or at regular intervals.

Email screen capture

Why use the Cogent DataHub to send email / SMS messages?

  • Custom configuration of the messages you send can be done quickly and easily.
  • You decide when each message is sent and how the information is displayed, for example as plain text or HTML format.
  • You can design end-of-day reports that are delivered to managers’ email accounts each morning.
  • Provide managers with regular email updates of production targets.
  • Emails can contain data from OPC servers, ODBC databases and other sources.
  • Eliminate the errors and delays associated with writing production reports by hand.
  • Have the DataHub collect vital report information, format it as an Excel spreadsheet and then email the file to key people for review.

More information

The Email/SMS feature can be added to any license pack.

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