Minerals & Mining

Cogent DataHub™ software is widely used in mining and mineral processing applications in every latitude and climate, from the Gobi Desert to the Andes Mountains.  The DataHub program’s ability to provide secure and robust data communication among disparate systems in real time has made it an industry standard for aggregating and networking data from surface, underground, and processing systems.

Remote Connectivity

Engineers and operators who need to access machinery and instrumentation at remote locations are using the DataHub program to make secure and robust connections to their equipment.  From collecting and displaying gas detection alarms in a mine to monitoring processing systems running on another continent, DataHub software’s real-time performance and flexible connectivity options ensure reliable and consistent data collection and display.

Data Integration

As the costs of mineral extraction steadily rise and prices continue to fluctuate, today’s processing plants rely on high-level data integration to optimize production and keep costs down.  DataHub software provides plug-in connectivity for fast, secure, and robust data communications between the sensors, cameras, separators, concentrators, pumps, and flotation equipment in the plant on the one hand, and the data logging, monitoring, and supervisory control systems on the other.  With its ability to connect OT to IT, and integrate multiple plants and locations, the DataHub program has become a valuable data integration tool for the mining industry worldwide.

Use Cases

Mineral Processing Management: Management and accounting staff at a mineral processing plant are using data collected by the DataHub program to optimize production.

Gas Monitoring System: A gas monitoring system uses the DataHub service for Azure to collect data from sensors and make it available to mine management and maintenance staff.

Expert Systems Control: Engineering staff at a large mineral processing operation in South America integrated data from flotation and grinding expert systems with DataHub software.

Mine Operations: A mining company in the Asia-Pacific region used DataHub software to aggregate and log data coming from different parts of their mine operations.

Iron Ore Pelletizing: The DataHub program is used to connect a DCS in an iron ore pelletizing plant to a web HMI for monitoring, a database for logging, and Excel for analysis.

Mining Process Data Analysis: Mining engineers used DataHub software on a process data analysis project to connect to custom programs when off-the-shelf software couldn’t meet their needs.