Oil & Gas

From offshore drilling platforms and sub-sea exploration to refineries, pipelines, and utility companies, DataHub® software provides secure, reliable, real-time data communication for mission-critical applications.


Exploration, drilling, well construction, and production of oil and gas all rely on accurate and timely data communications. Using DataHub software, major oil producers and service companies can collect wireline, MWD, drill stem tests and other critical data, and make it available in real time to drilling crews, field engineers, and management.


Pipeline flow rates, temperatures, pressures, and leak detection statistics must be continually monitored to ensure the safe delivery of crude oil, natural gas, LNG, and other products from production areas to refineries, and on to distribution companies. The DataHub program is being used by pipeline companies in North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia to support this kind of real-time data communication.


Oil refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG terminals, and other downstream facilities use DataHub software to securely access process data from production areas, and make it accessible to management. Corporate IT departments use the data from the DataHub program to power corporate dashboards, run real-time analytical engines, and maintain detailed logs and records.

Use Cases

Natural Gas Distribution: Engineers at this Asian gas company found DataHub tunnelling and redundancy easy to use and fully compatible with their legacy system.

Offshore Production Monitoring: A major European oil producer used the DataHub program to gain a collective view of multiple offshore platforms, optimizing production levels and cutting costs.

Oilfield Production Monitoring: The DataHub program was used to speed up the data reading process for an overloaded connection in a large oil field project in the Middle East.

Pipeline Leak Detection: A North American engineering team combined data from a new leak detection system with existing SCADA data from the pipeline, using DataHub software.

Gas Production Monitoring: Production engineers at a European oil and gas terminal used the DataHub program to make a secure connection from their production system to central offices.

Pipeline Flow and Control: DataHub software is being used by a European pipeline company to collect and redistribute data related to monitoring and controlling pipeline equipment.