Pipeline Leak Detection

DataHub Use Case

An engineering team for an oil and gas pipeline operator in North America needed an integration solution for a new leak detection system.  They wanted to connect an OPC server from the new system to an existing ODBC-compliant database used by the pipeline’s SCADA system, for the purpose of extracting configuration and supervisory control data.  But the database used an old version of ODBC, and the team was having a difficult time finding a way to connect to it.

Use Case - Pipeline Leak Detection diagram

When they contacted Cogent they found out they could use a DataHub instance with a custom script to make the connection, not just to the SCADA database, but also to a redundant backup database.  The script worked so well that the team asked Cogent for help to write another script to log some of the calculations extracted from data coming off the leak detection system to a third database.  Those calculations were then fed back to the SCADA system to improve performance.