DataHub Modbus OPC Server

Connect Modbus TCP devices to OPC servers and clients

The DataHub Modbus OPC Server provides reliable real-time bi-directional connectivity between all Modbus TCP devices and any OPC enabled applications.

DataHub Modbus OPC Server Diagram
What it does
  • Eliminates the need for an additional OPC server by connecting Modbus slaves directly to the DataHub.
  • Tunnels Modbus data from your plant OT network to the IT network without exposing the plant to security risks.
  • Easy and complete configuration of Modbus TCP slave connections.
  • Combine with other DataHub features like data logging, WebView, DDE, to optimize the value of your Modbus data.
The DataHub® Modbus OPC Server supports the following features and operations
  • Connects to any number of Modbus TCP slave devices.
  • Connects to any number of OPC server and client programs.
  • Automatic Modbus ↔ OPC protocol conversion built-in.
  • Supports SSL encryption for better security.
  • Easy configuration through manual point-and-click or XML file import.
  • Supports DataHub Scripting.
  • Supports asynchronous socket multiplexing in Modbus TCP to share one TCP connection with multiple Modbus devices. This eliminates cross coupling between client timeouts and provides client timing independence.

Want to connect to your Modbus data in remote locations? Add a DataHub Tunnelling license and you’re ready to stream live data directly to Skkynet’s SkkyHub Service for networking real-time plant data between remote locations. Other add-on features include DDE/Excel Support for connecting to Excel spreadsheets and other DDE servers, Email/SMS Notification to receive an email or SMS message based on data changes, Data Historian to store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds, Data Redundancy to do hot standby switching between identical data sources, and Camera to stream live video or images of your system.

For more information on the Modbus TCP feature click here.