The Cogent DataHub® works here

The Cogent DataHub can be found hard at work in every industry sector, providing secure and reliable access to real-time data. Here are a few examples of some of the main industry sectors where the DataHub is being used.

Energy: the DataHub provides secure, real-time data connectivity in every part of the energy sector, from conventional power generation and transmission to alternative energy production and monitoring.

Oil & Gas: for offshore and on-shore exploration, drilling, refining, and transport data communication needs, oil and gas production and utility companies rely on the DataHub.

Minerals & Mining: from the Gobi Desert to the Andes Mountains, the DataHub has become an industry standard for aggregating and networking data from surface and underground mining and mineral processing systems.

Manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory require secure and robust access, collection, and aggregation of real-time data—what the DataHub has been providing for decades.

Food & Beverage: the DataHub has its roots in providing seamless real-time integration to meet the diverse requirements for flexible and reliable data connectivity for the food and beverages industry.

Pharma & Healthcare: pharmaceutical plant managers and engineers, as well as health services professionals around the world choose the Cogent DataHub® for versatility, robust performance, and security.

System Integration: system integrators and plant engineers worldwide rely on the secure and robust performance of the DataHub for applications ranging from chemical production, satellite design, and boiler monitoring to railyard switching, telescope control, and water resource management.