OPC Connections

Connect OPC servers and clients, and integrate their data

DataHub OPC Gateway diagram

OPC is a widely-used protocol for connecting industrial hardware and devices with HMIs and other software.  An open standard, OPC supports communications for thousands of diverse products, keeping costs down for plant owners and hardware suppliers alike.

OPC Classic, implemented in the 1990s, includes OPC Data Access (OPC DA) and OPC Alarms and Events (OPC A&E) and has a broad, well-established user base.  Most OPC implementations in the world are OPC DA.  OPC UA, which includes Alarms and Conditions (OPC UA A&C), was introduced several years ago to expand the domain of OPC beyond traditional industrial applications, and to provide improved networking and security.

With the Cogent DataHub you can:

  • Make a gateway, seamlessly integrating OPC UA and DA servers and clients to keep legacy systems fully compatible with current and future technology.
  • Connect to OPC UA A&C servers and clients, and convert between OPC A&E and OPC A&C.
  • Tunnel your OPC servers and clients across a network, eliminating DCOM and creating secure and robust connections.
  • Monitor and control your OPC system from a web-based HMI with a drag-and-drop editor for building pages.
  • Log your OPC data to a SQL database, or push data back to the OPC server, in real time.
  • Bridge data between your OPC servers.
  • Aggregate data from your OPC servers or clients.
  • Send emails based on changes to your OPC data.
  • Connect your OPC data to Excel or any DDE client.