Connect to Amazon Kinesis

Stream data to Amazon Kinesis™ Data Streams

Use the DataHub’s External Historian feature to feed real-time data to Amazon Kinesis, making it available for big data applications, analytics, dashboards, preventative maintenance, production planning, and more.

What it does

  • High-speed data throughput (50,000 writes/sec) to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with millisecond time resolution.
  • Collects data from any of:
  • Combined with tunnelling:
    • Collects historical data from across a network.
    • Streams data securely through proxy servers and DMZs.
    • Supports store-and-forwarding (using InfluxDB feature).
    • Avoids VPNs and keeps all inbound firewall ports closed.


Single source of truth

  • Record and leverage big data.
  • Measure process efficiency through statistical analysis.
  • Link to ERP systems for business analysis.
  • Justify future investment based on hard data.

Process optimization

  • Improve process control and operations.
  • Continuously upgrade product quality.
  • Compare past and present operations.

Troubleshooting and predictive analytics

  • Improve predictive maintenance.
  • Enhance anomaly detection for unplanned downtime.
  • Analyze the root causes of problems.

Comprehensive benefits

  • Monitor power and energy consumption and waste.
  • Verify legal and regulatory compliance
  • Track and trace serialization
  • Improve inventory management

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