OPC A&E support

Connect to OPC A&E servers and clients

Add the OPC A&E support license to any DataHub license pack to enable the OPC A&E client and server features.

You can

  • Receive OPC A&E alarms and events from OPC A&E servers.
  • Send OPC A&E alarms and events to OPC A&E clients.
  • Aggregate OPC A&E alarms and events.
  • Make OPC A&E data available via other supported DataHub protocols.
  • Network OPC A&E (when added to Tunnelling).
  • Convert between A&E and A&C (when used with OPC A&C).
  • Turn a DataHub instance into an OPC A&E alarm generator.
  • Build templates and create custom alarm and event scenarios (when used with Notifications).
  • Log OPC A&E data (when added to Database).
  • Maintain histories of OPC A&E alarms and events (when added to Historians).

Unique Advantages

  • Extends the reach of OPC A&E.
  • Leverages the value of legacy software.
  • Increases operational efficiency.
  • Cuts problem response times, reducing downtime and associated costs.
  • Gives insight into common errors.