Case Studies

The DataHub at work in mission-critical systems worldwide

ABB Energy Automation – Italy
Secure OPC tunnelling between power plants and company offices.
TEVA API Pharmaceuticals – Hungary
Networking multiple OPC server stations and SCADA systems.
Total Exploration and Production – UK
Using the the DataHub to bypass firewalls.
Kimberly-Clark – Switzerland
Networking control and video systems for quality control.
Wind Turbine Farm – USA
Cogent solution calms the conflict of bats vs. blades.
BP Pipelines – USA
DataHub connects new and existing systems.
Citect (Schneider Electric) – USA
Pushing the OPC Envelope with the DataHub.
Siemens – Denmark
Connecting SCADA systems to high-security plant using the DataHub.
Minera San Cristobal – Bolivia – 1
Using the DataHub to integrate expert system control.
Minera San Cristobal – Bolivia – 2
Connecting corporate and control systems using the DataHub.
City of Montreal – Canada
OPC DataHub helps integrate data for $10 billion project.
Coca-Cola Bottler – Ireland
World’s Largest Coca-Cola Plant Uses OPC DataHub.
Excavator Manufacturer – Brazil
Key decision makers gain access to live production data.
Gazprom – Russia
Integrating data from QNX4 and OPC control systems.
Metso – France
Cutting project development time in half using the IIoT.
Mukhaizna Oil Field – Oman
Optimizing OPC connections with the DataHub.
TESS Engineering– Japan
Monitoring Boiler Systems from a Real-Time Cloud.
Plastics Manufacturer – Scandinavia
Accessing data for multiple purposes.
ABB – Colombia
Substation Upgrade: Connecting a Database.
PowerData Ltd. – Caribbean
Power Stations Monitor Data Using the DataHub.
KuibyshevAzot Chemical Plant – Russia
Linking Yokogawa DCS to proprietary system in QNX.
Renewable Power – Turkey
DataHub WebView monitors aggregated Wind Farm data.
RWTH Aachen University – Germany
Closed-loop control of weaving machines.
Schneider Electric FZE – Dubai
Integrating access security and building management.
Biomass Biotechnology Bio – Japan
Monitoring nature’s wonder workers.
University of California, Berkeley – USA
Distributed control of unmanned aerial vehicles.