Simply better networking

Tunnellers provide easy-to-configure, secure, and robust networking for data protocols that are difficult to connect or that rely on insecure architectures. The Cogent DataHub Tunnellers go beyond the basics, letting you integrate your data without exposing your networks.

DataHub DA Tunneller: Network OPC DA without DCOM or exposing your network. Collect OPC data from multiple remote locations, or connect OPC DA servers and clients on different networks. Eliminate the hassles of DCOM, detect network breaks quickly and recover from them smoothly.

DataHub DA Tunneller diagram

DataHub UA Tunneller: Access your remote data using OPC UA, without exposing your plant systems. Connect OT to IT with support for proxies and HTTP CONNECT—no need to change IT security policies to fit OT requirements.

Datahub UA Tunneller diagram

Tunnel A&E: Turn any DataHub Tunneller license into an OPC A&E Tunneller by simply adding the OPC A&E feature to it. Tunnel OPC A&E Classic through proxy servers and DMZs, eliminating IT challenges. Bring all your A&E data into a single A&E client.  Convert OPC A&E to OPC DA or UA.

DataHub Tunnel A&E diagram

DataHub Modbus Tunneller: Connect to any number of different Modbus TCP slave devices and easily share that data with other DataHubs across a network or Internet connection. Share data between Modbus devices in one location with OPC/DDE or ODBC (database) clients in other locations, without having to deal with DCOM or Windows security permissions.

Modbus Tunneller diagram

DataHub DDE Tunneller: Connect any DDE-enabled program like Excel, and easily exchange data with other DataHubs across a network or Internet connection. Share data from Excel spreadsheets in real time.

DDE Tunneller diagram