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Industry Machines & Tools

Machine and tool vendors in a wide range of industries are using Cogent DataHub™ software to enhance their equipment with secure, real-time data connectivity options. A single connection from the machine is all that’s needed for links to OPC UA and DA servers and clients, to any SQL database, to a web-enabled HMI and Excel spreadsheets, as well as to any MQTT-enabled IoT service, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT, and AWS IoT Core.


Using the native OPC and Modbus support, machine operators and plant engineers can access their machines and equipment through familiar tools—HMI, SCADA, or DCS.  They can also store their data in their company database, or run real-time analysis on it in Excel.  With the DataHub program, new and legacy equipment alike connects via OPC UA, keeping it fully compatible with Industrie 4.0.


Outside the OT (Operations Technology) realm, the trend is for hardware vendors, system analysts, corporate IT departments, and Big-Data analysts to find out what’s happening—right now—on the plant floor.  DataHub technology gives them secure access to machine data in real time, with no intrusions, no disruptions, no open firewall ports, and no VPNs.

Use Cases

Forming Machines: The Skkynet ETK is installed on the embedded control system of each machine, which connects to the DataHub program to provide OPC DA, OPC UA, and DDE connectivity.

Automated Welding Machines: Each machine is connected via the API to the DataHub program, which offers OPC DA and OPC UA connections, along with edge processing through DataHub Scripting

Mineral Processing Equipment: An advanced control system for mineral processing uses an OEM version of the DataHub program to provide a web-enabled HMI for monitoring and supervisory control.

Wind Turbines: Connecting a DataHub instance to a local SCADA system on each turbine allows wind farm operators to configure secure, bidirectional, real-time data connections to their central SCADA system.

Machine Learning: Data from remote processes gets sent by a DataHub instance to a machine learning database, where it is used for process optimization.