Industry Energy

Cogent DataHub™ software can be found in virtually any application for the energy sector where secure data communication is important―from conventional power generation and transmission to alternative energy production and monitoring. System integrators and plant engineers use the DataHub program to access, integrate, and monitor data from diverse hardware and software vendors.

Conventional Energy

DataHub software is being used in coal, hydro, and nuclear power plants run by private and public utilities worldwide.  These companies rely on the DataHub program to provide secure and reliable connectivity for the real-time data used to monitor and control their systems.  From robust networking between machines, to logging live production data accurate to the millisecond, and displaying system status in a web HMI, DataHub software keeps the data flowing.

Alternative Energy

DataHub software has become an integral part of the communications networks in hundreds of wind farms across Europe, Asia, and North America run by multinational and municipal utility companies.  The DataHub program securely tunnels data from thousands of wind turbines to field processing stations to be filtered, logged, and analyzed. In some cases the data is sent to corporate offices for further consolidation and for generating statements and invoices to customers, as well as reports to regulatory agencies.  It also provides secure data connectivity for solar power farms and other alternative energy applications.

Use Cases

Power Plant Management: A DataHub tunnel is being used to establish a secure network connection from the plant equipment to the corporate office.

Wind Farm Access: Utility company engineers and managers can monitor the SCADA systems for multiple wind farms in one convenient web page.

Solar Power Display: A system integrator provides secure SCADA and browser-based access for monitoring operational data from panels at remote solar farms.

Hydro Power Maintenance: Data from dozens of small hydro stations is being collected and archived to redundant databases.

Managing Wind Farms: The DataHub program made it possible to connect to a wide variety of interfaces from different manufacturers, and consolidate all data into a single, universal data set for SCADA, custom programs, and archival record-keeping.

Power Plant Coordination: Pairs of redundant connections from remote power stations get resolved in a single DataHub instance running at the central office, where the data is fed to web, database, spreadsheet, and email applications.