Managing Wind Farms

Cogent DataHub Use Case

A multi-national utility company operating in North America is using DataHub software to collect data from dozens of wind farms using diverse hardware and software, spread over hundreds of miles. They display the data in their SCADA systems, log it to databases, and use it to power custom programs.

Managing Wind Frams diagram

One challenge was to connect to a wide variety of interfaces and collect the data from all the wind farms into a single, universal data set, because in the wind power industry every supplier uses their own, proprietary data exchange. The DataHub program allowed the company to split the data flow, and feed the SCADA system separately from the ERP and MES systems that required subsets of the data at different time intervals.

DataHub software has met all corporate requirements for security. It also provides a platform for working with incoming data streams–by scripting. The company has used DataHub scripts to do everything from data averaging across a time interval to starting and stopping turbines to comply with regulatory restrictions.