Embedded Connections

Control and collect data from embedded devices

The Skkynet Embedded Toolkit, or ETK, is a C library that provides the building blocks to connect and communicate with Cogent DataHub™ software or the Cogent DataHub service for Azure service in real time for remote monitoring and supervisory control. It requires no VPNs and is free to use for qualified partners, with no run-time royalties or fees.

The ETK can run on Linux, uClinux, ThreadX, QNX, and TRON hosts on virtually any CPU, including resource-constrained MPUs with no floating point or MMU support.  It also supports IPV6, SSL, WebSockets, Modbus TCP, and a built-in scripting language, allowing you to tailor it to your application and available resources.

With DataHub software and the Embedded Toolkit (ETK) you can:

  • Integrate your device data with OPC servers and clients.
  • Log your embedded data to a SQL database, and push data back to the device, in real time.
  • View your device data from a web-based HMI with a drag-and-drop editor for building pages.
  • Send emails based on changes to your embedded data.
  • Connect your OPC data to Excel or any DDE client.

To get the ETK, click here to email a request. We will send you back the archive by email as soon as possible.