Alarm and Notification

Use DataHub software to generate alarms and notifications

Alarm & Notifications diagram

Add the Alarm & Notification license to any DataHub license pack to configure and generate alarms and notifications based on data changes.

You can

  • Configure and generate alarms and notifications.
  • Define templates for different states and conditions, and bind them to data point changes.
  • Generate messages and run custom scripts.
  • Send notifications by email, SMS, or via social media (using a Twilio subscription).
  • Integrate with OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C (using the OPC A&E or OPC UA A&C features).

Template-based configuration

Rather than creating a new alarm for each condition, you can use templates to configure dozens of similar alarms or notifications.  Define stateful, stateless, every state, or choose an OPC condition, event, or alerter.  Variable binding and regular expression support provide an easy way to reuse and reconfigure notifications as needed.

Unique Advantages

  • Template-based configuration.
  • Works with input from OPC DA, UA, A&E, A&C, Modbus, ODBC, and more.
  • Cuts problem response times, reducing downtime and associated costs.
  • Future-proofs your system by connecting legacy software to modern clients.