Using Vine Add-in

Demo Workbook

Vine demo start screen

The best way to start using Vine Add-in is with the demo workbook, SkkynetVineDemo.xlsx, included in the Vine Add-in archive. This workbook gives an easy, a hands-on demonstration using live data from the SkkyHub cloud service.

Connect Vine Add-in to Your DataHub

Once you are familiar with Vine Add-in, you’ll probably want to connect it to your DataHub.

  1. Start the DataHub. (Here’s how)
  2. Run DataPid if you want sample data. (Here’s how)
  3. Configure a connection from Vine Add-in to the DataHub. (Here’s how)

Share data between workbooks

Connect another workbook to the DataHub, and you can share data between workbooks.

Write Excel data to the DataHub

Once connected to the DataHub, Vine Add-in sends data updates for every data point configured with a Direction of “Write”, “Write before Read”, or “Read before Write”.  These updates are then published in real time to every DataHub client that has subscribed to those points.

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