System Integration

Wherever mission-critical real-time data is used, Cogent DataHub™ software can be found―collecting, aggregating, integrating, logging, and displaying it. System integrators and plant engineers worldwide rely on the secure and robust performance of the DataHub program in systems as disparate as building management, chemical production, satellite design, boiler monitoring, tire manufacturing, security system integration, rail yard switching, stock trading, telescope control, and water resource management.

It “just works”

From seasoned professional engineers working at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious system integration and engineering companies, to graduate students, newly-hired trainees, and one-man SI companies who are just starting out, all agree that DataHub software“just works.” They all find it easy to use, helpful for them to quickly get up to speed, reliable under often diverse or extreme conditions, and well supported when the occasional question arises.

Secure by design

With the advent of the Industrial IoT, DataHub technology can be found at every level, supporting secure, real-time data communications. The DataHub program itself provides a link between remote devices, in-plant systems, and the cloud.  The ETK (Embedded Toolkit) puts DataHub technology onto embedded devices, enabling them to make secure, outbound connections to the DataHub program or DataHub service for Azure. The DataHub service adapts DataHub technology for the cloud, conveying data between connected systems in real time. Working seamlessly together, the ETK, DataHub program, and DataHub service form a secure-by-design architecture that uses no VPNs, keeps all firewalls closed, and is capable of processing over 50,000 data changes per second at speeds just milliseconds over Internet latencies.

Use Cases

Water Pump Stations: Remote pump stations were connected using DataHub software in a multi-billion-dollar upgrade to the water supply system of a major North American city.

High-Security Process Monitoring: Two DataHub tunnels support authorized access to data at a high-security facility, so operators can work with the control system remotely, in real time.

Mars Mission Prep: A North American mining company is using the DataHub program to help control a drill that will be used on future missions to the moon and Mars.

Port Operations: At a major European port, the DataHub WebView application displays crane control data to workers on board ship or at the pier, as well as to port operations staff.

Access Security and Building Management:  A DataHub software-based building management solution saves energy and increases convenience by connecting the security system to the BMS.

Municipal Utility Monitoring: A municipal utility company used DataHub software to connect a custom program to their SCADA system to analyze system performance in real time.