Modbus Connections

Integrate Modbus data with your system

DataHub Modbus OPC Server Diagram

Modbus is a simple and robust communications protocol for PLCs and other industrial devices and equipment.  The DataHub program supports Modbus TCP, a variant of Modbus used for TCP network communications.

With DataHub software you can:

  • Connect Modbus slave devices or PLCs to OPC UA or OPC DA to provide Modbus OPC server functionality.
  • Monitor and control your Modbus slave from a web-based HMI with a drag-and-drop editor for building pages.
  • Log your Modbus data to a SQL database, and push data back to the Modbus slave, in real time.
  • Tunnel Modbus data across a network.
  • Bridge Modbus slaves.
  • Aggregate data from any number of Modbus slaves.
  • Send emails based on changes to your Modbus data.
  • Connect your Modbus slave to Excel or any DDE client.