Educational Program


The Cogent DataHub is an ideal tool to get hands-on educational experience in industrial data communication. The DataHub software is available for download here. This is a full version of the DataHub that runs for one hour in demo mode, and can be restarted as often as you like, keeping all your configuration. Students and faculty at any educational instition are invited to download and use the Cogent DataHub on that basis.

If the one-hour demo timeout is unsuitable, you may request to participate in the Skkynet Educational Program. This program gives students and faculty members an opportunity to use the DataHub in a non-commercial classroom or research setting for extended periods of time by providing them semester-long DataHub licenses at a special academic rate*.  


To qualify, you need to let us know how many intances of the DataHub you are using in total, and what the class or project is. We also need to know the start and end dates of the semester. Should you need more time at the end of the semester, we can provide additional licenses upon request.

What we ask is permission to display the logo from your institution here on our website, and that the DataHub and Skkynet be mentioned in any report about the class or project. Additionally, if you would like to send us details about your work and achievements, we would be happy to share it.


Ready to start? Please send an email to [email protected] with:

  1. The name of your institution;
  2. The name of the person responsible for the class or project;
  3. A general description of how the DataHub is being used;
  4. The number of licenses you will need, in total; and
  5. The start and end dates of the semester.

* subject to change without prior notice

Educational institutions