Cogent DataHub service for Microsoft Azure

DataHub service for Microsoft Azure - Network isolation diagram

You can


  • Integrate common industrial protocols.
  • Act as a gateway to Azure IoT Hub.
  • Offer an MQTT Broker in the cloud.
  • Securely integrate cloud SCADA.


  • Aggregate multiple data sources and protocols.
  • Pass data to any data lake.
  • Centralize your alarms and events.
  • Feed data from multiple locations into other Azure Managed Applications.


  • Create dashboards with Grafana.
  • View your HMI with any PC, anywhere.
  • Share information with third parties.
  • Make data from your plants available to remote users.
  • Securely network multiple facilities.

Unique Advantages

Your production systems stay secure

Securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate, and share live process data. Patented technology for outbound-only connections ensures no exposed attack surface in your plant network—no IT policy changes, no open inbound firewall ports, no VPNs, and no extra hardware on your production network.

Aggregate and connect any Azure app

Take advantage of the hundreds of 3rd party tools available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Seamlessly connect to Azure IoT Hub—or any OPC UA or MQTT supported system—for real-time remote monitoring, and control. Use standard protocols, and add applications and programs running on Azure or elsewhere, as needed.

Securely share data with third parties

Allow customers to view custom data sets, give equipment vendors access to maintenance and performance statistics for their machines, and keep raw materials suppliers informed of current stock levels and usage rates.

MQTT Smart Broker

Enhance MQTT or Sparkplug flexibility by interpreting message payloads, handling multiple MQTT message types, responding to errors, and adding data quality information so all clients are connection-aware. Includes built-in support for OPC.

Collect data for analytics or AI

Log process data directly to historians like OSIsoft PI, AVEVA Insight, InfluxDB, and others, for further processing by AI or analytical tools.

Create dashboards or HMI views

Enable a full featured HMI to view your data or use Grafana to generate HTML views.


Pricing for the Cogent DataHub service is based on the features and extensions you enable.

  • Usage charges for data services are based on the number of open connections, data points and updates.
  • Extensions, such as OPC UA, MQTT, Redundancy, Bridging, etc., are billed on an hourly basis.

At any time, you can access the SkkyHub Portal, which provides tools and reports to help you monitor usage of your Cogent DataHub service for Microsoft Azure.

  • Description
  • Remote Configuration Connection
  • Tunnel /Mirror Connection
  • MQTT Broker Connection
  • MQTT Client Connection
  • TCP Connection
  • WebView Connection
  • Vine Connection
  • Pricing
  • $0.053 per hour
  • $0.015 per hour
  • $0.015 per hour
  • $0.125 per hour
  • $0.053 per hour
  • $0.063 per hour
  • $0.063 per hour
  • Description
  • Data domain hours (up to 3000 hours)
  • Data domain hours (up to 15,000 hours)
  • Data domain hours (up to 75,000 hours)
  • Data domain hours (Over 75,000 hours)
  • Pricing
  • Free
  • $25.0 per thousand
  • $5.0 per thousand
  • $1.0 per thousand
  • Description
  • Data point hours (up to 25,000)
  • Data point hours (up to 1M)
  • Data point hours (up to 25M)
  • Data point hours (unlimited)
  • Pricing
  • Free
  • $0.03 per thousand
  • $0.003 per thousand
  • $0.0003 per thousand
  • Description
  • Data point updates (up to 500,000)
  • Data point updates (up to 10M)
  • Data point updates (up to 200M)
  • Data point updates (unlimited)
  • Pricing
  • Free
  • $.25 per million
  • $.1 per million
  • $0.05 per million
  • Description
  • MQTT Broker add-on
  • MQTT Client add-on
  • Tunnel/Mirror add-on
  • Web Server add-on
  • WebView (HMI) add-on
  • Data Bridging add-on
  • Amazon Kinesis add-on
  • AVEVA add-on
  • OSISoft PI add-on
  • InfluxDB add-on
  • REST API add-on
  • OPC UA add-on
  • OPC UA A&C add-on
  • Notifications add-on
  • Redundancy add-on
  • Pricing
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • $0.062 per hour
  • $0.055 per hour
  • $0.055 per hour
  • $0.055 per hour
  • $0.125 per hour
  • $0.055 per hour
  • $0.025 per hour
  • $0.09 per hour
  • $0.101 per hour
  • $0.09 per hour