Vine Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Analyze and report data from industrial systems

Now you can access to your process data from inside Microsoft Excel™. Run real-time analysis on production numbers, calculate statistics, create your own charts, and more. Leverage the power of the world’s most popular spreadsheet anywhere in your operation.

Vine Add-in for Excel diagram

What it does

  • Turns Microsoft Excel into a user interface for sharing data securely, at millisecond refresh rates
  • Connects over LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Instantly updates Excel cells as the underlying source data changes anywhere on your network
  • Shares bi-directional data among multiple Excel users


  • Faster and more reliable than DDE or RTD
  • Eliminates spreadsheet silos: each Excel spreadsheet can be a data publisher
  • Keeps every team member up to date with the same data
  • Simple and fast deployment for multiple users
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources, and multiple Excel users
  • Pick and choose only the data you need or wish to share from each workbook
  • Share data, not workbooks, so every user can have a unique view

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