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Version 8.0.5 - April 13, 2018

WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-839] – Filtered data table column headers do not update when getting new data
[WEBVIEW-843] – Regression – filtered table data does not update when new data arrives with the same column definitions

Version 8.0.4 - April 6, 2018

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-831] – Gamma string arrays sometimes cause a crash when written to a data point
[DATAHUB-833] – DataHub crashes when OPC connection is lost with data in-flight
[DATAHUB-837] – Very high tunnel traffic volume causes syntax error messages in the log
[DATAHUB-840] – OPC DA manual nodes attempt to advise on path elements, not just leaves
[DATAHUB-846] – DataHub crash when OPC event arrives after connection is terminated
DataHub Improvements
[DATAHUB-836] – OPC UA Tunneller license also activates OPC DA feature

Version 8.0.3 - July 31, 2017

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-760] – Modbus connections sometimes show the wrong running status
[DATAHUB-806] – Web Server does not respond to all requests in an HTTP pipeline
[DATAHUB-809] – Modbus connection status is incorrect in the connection viewer window
[DATAHUB-810] – Modbus plugin throws exception when invalid IP entered in config
[DATAHUB-813] – Modbus slows down and times out with many connections
[DATAHUB-814] – Tunnel incorrectly comingles point and command messages
[DATAHUB-815] – ODBC string result set may contain random characters
[DATAHUB-816] – ODBC string is truncated at 4095 characters
[DATAHUB-818] – ODBC configuration window does not restore properly from minimize
[DATAHUB-819] – Remove test in threaded ODBC for Oracle status code S1000
[DATAHUB-820] – Redundancy does not update after initialization if input domains are completely static
[DATAHUB-821] – Memory leak when tunneling float arrays containing NaN and Inf
[OPCUA-186] – DataHub UA server does not accept a blank server name
[OPCUA-190] – UA server does not respect domain permission settings
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-808] – Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k
[DATAHUB-812] – When making a tunnel connection, report the master’s version to the slave event log, and the slave’s version in the master event log
[DATAHUB-822] – Allow OPC DA connections to accept a canonical type of VARIANT

Version 8.0.2 - April 19, 2017

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-798] – DataHub tray icon does not come back after Windows explorer.exe crashes
[DATAHUB-799] – Tunnel in demo mode crashes DataHub when denied due to license failure
[DATAHUB-801] – Web server falls back to HTTP if set to SSL but the certificate is not available
[DATAHUB-803] – Launch WebView button does not modify url to include SSL port number
[DATAHUB-804] – Launch WebView button should always run Internet Explorer, even if it is not the default browser
[OPCUA-179] – UA client treats Variant values as String instead of Any or Empty
[OPCUA-181] – Browse fails with many points as children of a single branch
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-822] – FilteredDataTable: Execute Now in OnSelectionChanged produces invalid specified cast error
[WEBVIEW-824] – WebView shows fr:text instead of English when run on French Windows
[WEBVIEW-826] – WebView does not load a page over SSL
[WEBVIEW-829] – Hiding dialogs also causes the “Loading…” message to be hidden
WebView Features Added:
[WEBVIEW-828] – Change dialog options to hide interactive and non-interactive dialogs separately
[WEBVIEW-807] – Change Silverlight installation detection to be browser-independent

Version 8.0.1 - March 2, 2017

DataHub Bug Fixed:
[DATAHUB-785] – OPC Server throws an error during connection in demo mode
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-810] – Fix a potential race when a page fails to save due to file system permissions
[WEBVIEW-811] – Remove spurious ‘No permission record …’ trace log warnings
[WEBVIEW-818] – Fix an issue where pinning or grouping a column in the Filtered Data Table sometime causes an error message to pop up.

Version 8.0.0 - March 1, 2017

DataHub Improvements:
[] – Add support for OPC UA client and server
[] – Add support for USB web cameras
[DATAHUB-587] – Add support for authenticating proxies and SSL proxies
[DATAHUB-744] – Add a tunnel option to always use HTTP CONNECT when connecting through a proxy
[DATAHUB-768] – Allow Gamma to accept arrays containing floating point NaN and Inf
WebView Improvements:
[WEBVIEW-698] – Enable shortcut keys to be handled in S#
[WEBVIEW-758] – Make WebView pages compatible between DataHub V8 and SkkyHub
[WEBVIEW-759] – Add PageProperty support for GETP and SETP and add View-related PageProperties
[WEBVIEW-760] – Expose SelectedItem and SelectedItems as properties of FilteredDataTable
[WEBVIEW-228] – Add configuration for text labels on slider control
[WEBVIEW-650] – Accommodate partial “page:” uri matching
[WEBVIEW-666] – Add support for fonts with names that include space characters
[WEBVIEW-671] – Create FormatString specifier for DHLabel that preserves number as text
[WEBVIEW-780] – Add property to CircularGauge2 control to allow the designer to disable pointer animation
[WEBVIEW-724] – Change POST to GET for many web operations
DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-739] – OPC DA and UA configuration screens do not see computers from other workgroups
[DATAHUB-753] – Fatal error in plug-in when adding Modbus Point to MB server that does not exist
[DATAHUB-760] – Modbus connections sometimes show the wrong running status
[DATAHUB-764] – Modbus Plugin does not print error messages to the event log
[DATAHUB-766] – Historian settings do not handle locales where the decimal is a comma
[DATAHUB-767] – Cannot process arrays of floating point in Gamma when locale uses a comma for a decimal
[DATAHUB-770] – Modbus configuration does not allow you to change a connection name
[DATAHUB-771] – DataHub crashes when a script generates a log message longer than 1023 characters
[DATAHUB-774] – Exception while applying .NET plugin configuration: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[DATAHUB-775] – Script engine hangs on TimerAt when hour is outside the range 0-23
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-45] – File Operations – Save page does not show an error if saving fails
[WEBVIEW-663] – custom symbols – RotationSpeedRatio does not handle negative numbers
[WEBVIEW-664] – Symbol rotation – auto reverse does not take effect immediately
[WEBVIEW-665] – Symbol rotation should smoothly change as RPM dynamically changes
[WEBVIEW-667] – Run/Design Mode toolbar button is not always easy to find
[WEBVIEW-377] – Fix a memory leak caused by images
[WEBVIEW-644] – Script binding property field error when first line of script is empty
[WEBVIEW-692] – Fix “Unable to access Page object” when copying control with ScriptBinding
[WEBVIEW-694] – Timestamp on DataPoints generated from xml result (from ODBC) should use UTC time
[WEBVIEW-709] – Properties of controls within a group do not persist properly
[WEBVIEW-714] – Text Entry Field control causes Silverlight to crash when Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility = Auto and Vertical Alignment is not Stretch
[WEBVIEW-717] – Branding directory is ignored if organization is specified in the URL
[WEBVIEW-728] – If a page write fails due to directory permissions, no error message is displayed
[WEBVIEW-731] – ComboBox and ListBox are no longer supporting DisplayMember and SelectedValueMember properties
[WEBVIEW-750] – Arrange menu options (e.g., Send to Back) are available in Run Mode
[WEBVIEW-753] – ToggleButton property editor does not reset after click
[WEBVIEW-761] – Script binding expressions are not evaluated correctly when copying/duplicating controls
[WEBVIEW-768] – RMH_MissingResource emitting warning messages for PAGEPROPERTY_Description_Xxx
[WEBVIEW-779] – ComboBox resizes when Font and Alignment is changed
[WEBVIEW-781] – Circular Gauge 2 Optimal Range is not correct
[WEBVIEW-782] – Circular Gauge 2 Indicator Color not updated when AnimatePointer is false
[WEBVIEW-785] – Cannot get image list when file name contains ampersand character
[WEBVIEW-787] – Explorer ExpandAll/CollapseAll buttons stop working after switching Explorer Tabs
[WEBVIEW-792] – Value does not reset when a read-only user changes a data point value
[WEBVIEW-802] – Login does not allow second attempt after password incorrect on first attempt
[WEBVIEW-803] – Unable to login with an account with null password
Breaking Changes Between V7 and V8:
[] – If a program attempts to authenticate over a TCP connection then failure will cause the connection to immediately drop. In V7 a failure to authenticate resulted in the connection dropping back to anonymous permissions but remaining connected.
[] – WebView pages are not compatible between V7 and V8. You can load a V7 page in V8, but you cannot load a V8 page in V7.
[DATAHUB-748] – Do not send the data model when synchronizing a non-authoritative tunnel
Known Issues:
[DATAHUB-752] – Canonical types not synchronized over a tunnel under certain circumstances, particularly with OPC UA tunnelling

Version 7.3.16 - June 1, 2017

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-814] – Tunnel incorrectly comingles point and command messages
[DATAHUB-815] – ODBC string result set may contain random characters
[DATAHUB-816] – ODBC string is truncated at 4095 characters

Version 7.3.15 - May 8, 2017

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-760] – Modbus connections sometimes show the wrong running status
[DATAHUB-799] – Tunnel crashes DataHub when a connection is lost while data is in transit
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-808] – Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k
WebView Improvements:
[WEBVIEW-758] – Improve the error message when loading a page made by a later version of WebView
[WEBVIEW-779] – ComboBox resizes when Font and Alignment is changed

Version 7.3.14 - October 17, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-565] – Memory leak when opening and closing OPC DA and A&E connections
[DATAHUB-734] – Cannot create more than 64 wait handles (mostly threads)
[DATAHUB-736] – Tunnel connections sometimes incorrectly fail with “no license”
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-731] – DataHub negotiates the best mutually supported TLS level rather than requiring TLS 1.2

Version 7.3.13 - September 9, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-667] – Memory leak in A&E server when conditions change
[DATAHUB-716] – Cannot close Modbus Slave config window with blank host name field
[DATAHUB-724] – DDE connections to Excel do not update after the initial connection
[DATAHUB-728] – Outgoing DDE connection does not reconnect reliably after changing service or topic

Version 7.3.12 - August 12, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-625] – Querying an OPC connection containing filters through Gamma produces a string of strange characters.
[DATAHUB-634] – Some ODBC queries fail with logging turned on.
[DATAHUB-635] – Modbus connection may not re-establish after a network break or message failure.
[DATAHUB-644] – Gamma ODBC cannot synchronously map a fully-qualified table name.
[DATAHUB-651] – Canonical type change can cause infinite ringing in the network.
[DATAHUB-652] – Redundancy does not always propagate read-only status to the output domain.
[DATAHUB-667] – Memory leak in A&E server when conditions change.
[DATAHUB-673] – The installer does not restart the service after installation.
[DATAHUB-677] – License tracking gets confused in hightly connected networks.
[DATAHUB-678] – Tiny memory leak when tunnel client is destroyed.
[DATAHUB-679] – Tiny memory leak when tunnel client starts.
[DATAHUB-680] – Point value fails to transmit under heavy load during initialization.
[DATAHUB-682] – DataHub reports an empty value when client requests an empty canonical type.
[DATAHUB-683] – Modbus cannot set linear transformation multiplier – always rejects with error.
[DATAHUB-703] – DataHub crash when changing an existing DDE connection that has never connected.
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-613] – Event log – add line breaks to allow copy and paste to Notepad.
[DATAHUB-614] – Work around some A&E clients that cannot accept a NULL pointer for strings.
[DATAHUB-620] – Add an option to the OPC server to limit integers to 32 bits.
[DATAHUB-649] – Core installer should clean up WebView left-over files from previous install.
[DATAHUB-653] – Update OpenSSL to version 1.02h.
[DATAHUB-654] – Update OPC Core Components to version 3.0.105.
[DATAHUB-688] – Change synchronization to get uninitialized modeled values from master even when sync is normally to master.
[DATAHUB-689] – Change A&E server to set LastEvent confidence to 0 when building event model.
[DATAHUB-690] – OPC A&E – do not create sources by discovery for simple and tracking events.
[DATAHUB-694] – Add an option in database query to emit the data as an Excel table.
[DATAHUB-697] – Do not send sync and model information to a write-only tunnel.
[DATAHUB-704] – Change to report Modbus slave exceptions instead of dropping the connection.
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-684] – WebView cannot show an unsigned int with the top bit set.
[WEBVIEW-694] – Timestamp on DataPoints generated from xml result (from ODBC) should use DateTime.UtcNow.
[WEBVIEW-731] – ComboBox and ListBox problem with DisplayMember and SelectedValueMember properties.
[WEBVIEW-756] – Filtered Data Table – default parameters show warning message.
[WEBVIEW-757] – Series chart fails when data is not integer or changes format.
[WEBVIEW-768] – Remove a spurious warning pop-up related to page properties.
WebView Improvements:
[WEBVIEW-650] – Accommodate partial “page:” uri matching.
[WEBVIEW-663] – custom symbols – RotationSpeedRatio does not handle negative numbers.
[WEBVIEW-664] – Symbol rotation – auto reverse does not take effect immediately.
[WEBVIEW-665] – Symbol rotation should smoothly change as RPM dynamically changes.
[WEBVIEW-666] – Add support for fonts with names that include space characters.
[WEBVIEW-667] – Run/Design Mode toolbar button is not always easy to find.
[WEBVIEW-671] – Create FormatString specifier (@) for DHLabel that preserves number as text.
[WEBVIEW-698] – Enable shortcut keys to be handled in S#.

Version 7.3.11 - April 6, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-596] – Default permissions do not include data permissions
[DATAHUB-600] – WebView alarm control does not update after a reconnect
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-747] – No permissions to access historical data through WebView

Version 7.3.10 - March 17, 2016

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-544] – Constructing A&E strings with non-English characters sometimes produces garbage.
[DATAHUB-556] – Modbus connection does not stop when disabled.
[DATAHUB-558] – Certificate host name match fails if alternative host name is not present in certificate.
[DATAHUB-559] – Data becomes NOT CONNECTED on tunnel incorrectly.
[DATAHUB-560] – Modbus connection sends commands in parallel even when set to serialize.
[DATAHUB-562] – Modbus configuration allows a transform that results in division by zero.
[DATAHUB-563] – Read-only status being set incorrectly in some cases.
[DATAHUB-564] – DataHub crashes when an OPC A&E server sends a shutdown message.
[DATAHUB-567] – ODBC query sends the word “nil” instead of a NULL in XML document.
[DATAHUB-572] – Connection via SSL (TCP or HTTP) cannot validate the certificate.
[DATAHUB-577] – General options “Start when you log on to Windows” and “Allow only one running program instance” should not be mutually exclusive.
[DATAHUB-580] – Rare crash when tunnel connection exits.
[DATAHUB-583] – ICS-VU-029203 – Privilege escalation exploit through Gamma script default require path.
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-557] – Increase event log window buffer to 1000 lines.
[DATAHUB-561] – Make message serialization the default for Modbus connections.
[DATAHUB-566] – Add controls to set the type of information logged to disk in the event log window.
WebView Improvements:
[WEBVIEW-742] – Add SourceData property to Image to allow the image to be set through a data point.
[WEBVIEW-743] – Timers can now skip ticks in order to keep up with real time.

Version 7.3.9 - August 20, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-546] – A&E Acknowledgement does not always work through a redundancy configuration
[DATAHUB-548] – ICS-VU-780001 (ZDI-CAN-2981) – Remote code execution vulnerability
[DATAHUB-552] – DataHub crashes if OPC client sends a message after a fatal error
[DATAHUB-555] – Some commands to the DataHub engine from Gamma rejected after WebView login
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-545] – Speed up data browser window when loading a data hierarchy with many branches
[DATAHUB-553] – Add options for OPC DA to support VT_EMPTY canonical types
WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-735] – WebView cannot load permissions after successful login
[WEBVIEW-737] – WebView does not correctly show pages when the path contains non-ASCII characters

Version 7.3.8 - Apr 21, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-542] – Modbus write fails for some integer conversions

Version 7.3.7 - Mar 27, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed:
[DATAHUB-533] – Modbus plugin not showing in Win XP and Server 2003
[DATAHUB-535] – SSL certificate host name match should be case insensitive
[DATAHUB-538] – Modbus driver reads more bytes than necessary
DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-536] – Allow configuration of Modbus reply timeout
[DATAHUB-537] – Allow multiple Modbus connections to share a socket
[DATAHUB-539] – Improve CPU usage and performance in Modbus driver
[DATAHUB-540] – Upgrade SSL libraries to version 1.0.2a
[DATAHUB-541] – Improve efficiency of A&E initial connection and condition discovery

Version 7.3.6 - February 7, 2015

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-504] – Uninstalling deletes user WebView pages and scripts
[DATAHUB-516] – Historian query and log ASP pages do not check permissions
[DATAHUB-517] – DDE drag-and-drop creates corrupt point names
[DATAHUB-519] – Store-and-forward reports corrupted bytes when running normally
[DATAHUB-520] – Script command created duplicate tunnel connections
[DATAHUB-525] – TCP tunnel will not try secondary server if both primary and secondary fail
[DATAHUB-527] – Commands on websocket connection sometimes corrupted after connect
[DATAHUB-529] – Incorrect packet length calculation in WebSocket
[DATAHUB-530] – Tunnel data synchronization sometimes does not deliver initial values
[DATAHUB-531] – DataHub crashes when reading an invalid timestamp from a database

DataHub Improvements:
[DATAHUB-511] – Add TunnelDelete and TunnelSaveConfig commands to tunnel/mirror plugin
[DATAHUB-521] – Add support for SSL certificate verification
[DATAHUB-526] – Upgrade SSL connections to use TLS 1.2
[DATAHUB-528] – OPC client connections will not send duplicate writes in a single transaction
[] OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1h: Fixes CVE-2014-0224, CVE-2014-0221, CVE-2014-0195, CVE-2014-0198, CVE-2010-5298, CVE-2014-3470

New DataHub Features:
[DATAHUB-483] – Add support for site (group) licenses
[DATAHUB-524] – Add support for Modbus TCP

WebView Bugs Fixed:
[WEBVIEW-700] – ConcurrentLogin violation results in Login Failure
[WEBVIEW-701] – A script that calls GETP twice on the same property generates an error
[WEBVIEW-703] – TrendChart is slow to load when too many Ticks
[WEBVIEW-710] – In RunMode, Controls marked NOT VisibleInRunMode are HitTestVisible
[WEBVIEW-722] – Memory leak when closing a pop-up dialog

New WebView Features:
[] Scripting now supports try/catch/finally blocks. Syntax is:
try { } catch (e) { } finally { }
where the finally { } block is optional. The catch block is not optional, so you cannot specify a try/finally statement. You can re-throw an exception from the catch block using throw(e).
[WEBVIEW-723] – Allow user to select whether last column of filtered data table uses all available space

[] Cascade DataHub in Linux has been updated to version 7.3.6 to match the current Windows version.

Linux Bugs Fixed:
[] Relevant bug fixes in Windows from version 7.0.0 onward also apply to Linux.
[] When a TCP connection between Windows and Linux was lost due to a network failure, it was possible that both Windows and Linux marked the data as Not Connected

Linux Improvements:
[] SRRIPC module updated to V2.0.x. It can now be built on 64-bit Linux. See the module CHANGES file for details of changes and bug fixes.

Version 7.3.5 - April 29, 2014

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-469] – DataHub crashes when SSL connection aborts during initialization
[DATAHUB-470] – DataHub crash when SQLite database is file locked
[DATAHUB-471] – License synchronization generates high network traffic in large systems
[DATAHUB-473] – ODBC to some versions of MS-Access fails due to column quotes
[DATAHUB-477] – ODBC to old MS-Access database fails with syntax error
[DATAHUB-479] – AJAX tree view sometimes generates an XML load error
[DATAHUB-480] – Crash when attempting to create an invalid domain name
[DATAHUB-481] – DataHub crashes on startup when odbc cache file is corrupt
[DATAHUB-484] – DataHub crashes when establishing many outbound SSL connections
[DATAHUB-486] – ODBC queryies do not accept ASP expresssions when run asynchronously
[DATAHUB-487] – Scroll bar does not render on A&E filter dialog
[DATAHUB-489] – OPC A&E does not update timestamps with non-compliant OPC A&E server
[DATAHUB-490] – OPC A&E does not update some events when server does not support condition browsing
[DATAHUB-491] – ZDI-CAN-2160: Attacker with file system access can run arbitrary code
[DATAHUB-492] – ZDI-CAN-2192 – Web server stack overwrite or crash with negative content length
[DATAHUB-493] – CVE-2014-0160 – Cogent DataHub is susceptible to the Heartbleed SSL bug

[DATAHUB-475] – Add timeout parameters to the MailSend command-line program
[DATAHUB-488] – Add the ability to tunnel through a WebSocket connection
[] – Improve the speed of the .Net API under heavy point change loads
[] – Work around an Oracle behaviour where columns could be reported more than once
[] – Work around an issue in some OPC A&E servers that transmit all events as “refresh” events

New Features
[DATAHUB-476] – Add a mechanism for remotely updating a DataHub instance via a local network
[DATAHUB-482] – Add command-line arguments to show properties and hide the tray icon

WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-687] – Fix a problem in data table where changing a column name did not signal a change to the control for rendering [] – Add a new Watermarked Text control

WebView Improvements
[WEBVIEW-669] – Display user-friendly message when trying to open a Page with a newer version than the application
[WEBVIEW-685] – Expose Arrange commands (e.g., BringToFront) via WV.ExecuteCommand
[WEBVIEW-688] – Add new properties to the FilteredDataTable
[] – Add grouping, filtering and sorting to the PointDataTable control

Version 7.3.4 - Oct 21, 2013

DataHub Bugs Fixed
[DATAHUB-458] – Version command is available via TCP even without connection permission
[DATAHUB-461] – System monitor produces incorrect values when monitoring stopped processes (introduced in v7.3.3)
[DATAHUB-462] – A&E clients cannot connect to DataHub when it is running as a service
[DATAHUB-463] – ZDI-CAN-1981 – HTTP server crash when a query string is supplied to a POST
[DATAHUB-465] – DataHub crashes if logging debug info with datahub_write() and bad timestamp
[DATAHUB-466] – Non-compliant OPC server causes a DataHub crash
WebView Bugs Fixed
[WEBVIEW-673] – Series chart control produces an error when created
[WEBVIEW-677] – Allow series chart and table to handle Excel data and OPC arrays