DataHub v8 compatibility with earlier versions

Note: Cogent DataHub v8 contains new features that may not be supported by your target operating system.  Please see our Installation Notes to verify that your target operating system is supported by DataHub v8.

Installing DataHub v8 on a system running an earlier version

When you install DataHub v8 on a system running DataHub v7 then v8 will replace v7 and will use the existing configuration files from the v7 installation.  DataHub v7 and DataHub v8 cannot run on the same machine.

When you install DataHub v8 on a systems running DataHub v6.4, then v8 will ask you if you want to copy the configuration from the earlier version, but it will not replace the earlier version.  You can run OPC DataHub v6.4 and Cogent DataHub on the same system, though there may be conflicts that require you to modify your configuration.

If you want to make a backup of your current DataHub configuration, you can do that by copying the contents of the DataHub configuration directory.  The location of this directory will depend on which operating system you are running.  See this link to documentation for more details.

If you want to make a backup your local WebView pages and media, you can do that by copying the files in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cogent\Cogent DataHub\Plugin\WebServer\html\Silverlight

Tunnelling between DHv8 and DHv7 or DHv6.4

You can tunnel between v8 and both v7 and v6.4.  When tunneling between V8 and V6.4 you may run into a known issue with licensing that appears when the network of DataHub connections is not a simple star configuration.

You can tunnel using WebSocket between v8 and v7, but you can only tunnel between v8 and v6.4 using a non-SSL connection.

You can tunnel through a proxy between v8 and v7 as long as v8 is the client initiating the connection.

DataHub and SkkyHub WebView Pages

WebView is available on two platforms: as part of the Cogent DataHub program and as a web display feature for the SkkyHub service.  Prior to DataHub v8.0, WebView had its own version numbering, with the most recent version number being 1.4. With the introduction of DataHub v8.0, the WebView version number has been changed to 8.0, and will always correspond to the latest DataHub version.

Compatibility between DataHub WebView pages and SkkyHub WebView pages is as follows:

  1. DataHub WebView 8.0+ and SkkyHub WebView pages are compatible.  Pages that you edit and save on one platform can be moved to the other platform, and be edited and saved, and vice-versa.
  2. DataHub WebView 1.4 (DataHub 7.x) and SkkyHub WebView pages are not compatible.  Each page may be edited only on the platform on which it was first created.
  3. Using DataHub WebView version 8.0+ to open a DataHub WebView version 1.4 page (i.e., saved with DataHub version 7.x) automatically and irreversibly ‘upgrades’ the page to WebView 8.0+.
  4. If you want to use a local version of DataHub WebView to modify pages intended to be deployed to SkkyHub, you must upgrade to Cogent DataHub version 8.0+.