Port Operations

DataHub Use Case

The manager for a busy European port needed a way for his staff to monitor more closely the activities of his cargo cranes during port operations.  Each crane generated data related to lift angles, load weights, rotational velocities and so on that were fed to the HMI at each local control station.  The manager was interested in extracting some of that data, and making specific sets of it available to personnel on the ground or in the port offices.

Use Case - Port Operations diagram

At the local control station for each crane the company installed a DataHub instance  and connected it to the crane’s OPC server.  Then they configured a tunnelling connection to a DataHub instance running in the port office where they used the DataHub WebView application to build screens for the different staff members who would be accessing the system.  Personnel working onboard a ship or at the pier can now monitor the position and speed of the crane they are working with from a handheld device, while office staff can get an overview of operations across the whole port complex.