Solar Power Display

Cogent DataHub Use Case

A system integrator working on a European solar power project needed a way to display operational data from the client’s solar panels in their SCADA system. There were two challenges: accessing the data, and then bring it to a central location. The data, primarily photovoltaic output for each of the panels, gets sent to the farm office in the form of CSV files. The data from these files need to be displayed in the company’s SCADA system, as well as being accessible from the web.

Use Case - Solar Power Display diagram

DataHub software was chosen for the job, since it was found capable of meeting all of the project requirements. Using the Database interface and a DataHub script, they were able to receive all of the updates in a DataHub instance in real time. Then they connected the DataHub instance to the company’s SCADA system to view the data. At the same time, using the WebView application, they created web pages to view the data on the web or in a mobile device. As a side benefit, they were able to write DataHub scripts that manipulate the data in real time, cutting the amount of processing needed on the SCADA and web pages, and reducing bandwidth use.