Wind Farm Access

DataHub Use Case

In a Middle-Eastern country investing heavily in infrastructure, an electrical power generation company has found opportunities for installing wind farms. For a recent project, they decided it would be advantageous to access the data from several farms, and display the data at their central office in a web-based HMI. They needed to monitor wind speeds, megawatt production, temperature, and operational status for every wind turbine at each farm.

Use Case - Wind Farm Access diagram

Since their on-site SCADA platforms did not offer this kind of data visibility, they connected each of them to a DataHub instance by OPC, and then tunnelled the data to another DataHub instance running at their central office. Using WebView from there, they were able to build web pages to provide a summary screen for all the farms, plus detail screens for each plant. Now, instead of viewing the data from each farm one by one, they can see the whole picture, and drill down to any part of the system, all in one place.