Wind Turbines

DataHub Use Case

A world-wide supplier of wind turbines provides DataHub connectivity options for their customers to make secure, bidirectional, data connections to central locations for real-time monitoring and supervisory control.

Use Case - Wind Turbines

Each turbine is outfitted with a SCADA system for local control, connected to a DataHub instance for secure communications.  Using no VPNs, and keeping all firewall ports closed, each DataHub instance makes an out-bound tunnel connection from its turbine to another DataHub instance running in the central office.  The central DataHub instance aggregates data from all the remote locations, and feeds the data to the central SCADA system.

The data is then used by analytical systems for performance optimization and predictive maintenance.  Operators at the office not only monitor the equipment, but they can manually or automatically change set points and send commands to the turbines in real time, based on the local weather conditions and specific circumstances of each machine.