Forming Machines

DataHub Use Case

A North American producer of forming and slicing machines for ground, formed, sliced, and portioned food products is using DataHub software to connect their equipment to OPC DA and OPC UA clients, as well as DDE-based systems.

Use Case - Forming Machines

Each machine’s control software runs on an embedded Linux system.  The company runs the Skkynet ETK on the same embedded hardware, allowing it to make a TCP tunnel connection to the DataHub instance.  Data from multiple connected machines flows to the DataHub instance in real time, and is then streamed to any number of connected OPC clients, such as HMIs or SCADA systems, depending on the customer.  For customers that need to put the live data into Excel, the company offers the DataHub DDE feature as an option.  Since the connection can be configured to be bidirectional, OPC or DDE clients can send supervisory control commands such as new recipes or set-point changes back to the equipment.