Automated Welding Machines

DataHub Use Case

A manufacturer of automated welding machines is using DataHub software to relay machine performance data and send user commands.  The welding systems, used in aerospace, industrial, and tube mill applications, are fully automated with camera-assisted control capabilities.  The company engineering team use the DataHub APIs to integrate the machines’ control system with a DataHub instance.

Use Case - Automated Welding Machines

Taking advantage of DataHub Scripting, the team has developed edge processing capabilities within the DataHub instance to enhance control and synchronization of laser power to optimize the weld deposit, and laser pulse for optimal penetration.  Customers of the equipment can choose any OPC-enabled HMI, DCS, SCADA system, or other OPC client—including their currently installed systems—to monitor and control the machines.  So there is no need to purchase HMI or other hardware.