Gas Production Monitoring

DataHub Use Case

Corporate management at an oil and gas terminal facility needed a way to view the terminal system from their central office facilities.  They requested their production engineering staff to provide connections from multiple OPC DA clients running in the office to the data coming from several OPC DA servers at the facility.  The production staff first attempted to make networked OPC connections, but were frustrated by OPC DA’s networking protocol: DCOM.  The connections were difficult to configure through firewalls running on both the corporate and operations sides.

Use Case - Gas Production Monitoring diagram

So, the production engineers decided to try tunnelling the OPC data.  After testing several products, they chose DataHub software for its ease of use, reliability, and extra features.  Configuring the tunnel was simply a matter of connecting one DataHub instance to the OPC server on the terminal system and another DataHub instance on the corporate network, and configuring a tunnelling connection between the two DataHub instances.