Oilfield Production Monitoring

Cogent DataHub Use Case

The project manager for a large oil field project in the Middle East had an overloaded connection between the OPC server connected to a dozen or more PLCs at several locations, and his HMI.  The HMI required device reads from the OPC server, done in a particular order.  The OPC server was able to meet this requirement, but the nature of the requests meant that it could not read the PLC data in the most efficient way.

Oilfield Production Monitoring diagram

Using DataHub software, the manager was able to speed up the data reading process significantly.  He configured a DataHub instance to request data from the OPC server ansynchronously, freeing the OPC server to efficiently poll the PLCs, and only send updates to the DataHub instance for data points that had changed their values.  The DataHub instance would then have all the latest values for all of the PLCs at any time, and could pass that data along to the HMI in any order that it requested.