Offshore Production Monitoring

DataHub Use Case

A major European oil producer needed a way to improve data communications between their offshore platforms and corporate offices.  Facing declining output from aging wells, the company was looking for ways to optimize production and cut costs by leveraging real-time data from their production systems.

Use Case - Offshore Production Monitoring diagram

On over a dozen offshore platforms they installed a copy of the Cogent DataHub, and configured each of them to connect to the various sensors and other data sources, using OPC DA.  Then they configured those same DataHubs for OPC DA tunnelling.  At the corporate office, they installed a single Cogent DataHub, and connected it to all of the DataHubs running on the platforms.  With all of the offshore data now aggregated into a single on-shore DataHub, they connected that DataHub to several OPC clients to feed the data to HMIs and databases.  Using the DataHub Bridging feature, they were able to convert data point names coming in from the offshore installations to more meaningful names for the office staff.

For the first time, the company now had a collective view of all of their production systems, in real time.  By compiling and analyzing the data, they were able to optimize their production levels and increase efficiency.  At the same time, with the real-time data link replicating the off-shore experience, they were able to relocate some personnel from the offshore rigs to the central office, increasing employee satisfaction and cutting costs.