Mining Process Data Analysis

DataHub Use Case

At a large mining operation in the Andes Mountains, the engineering team took a creative approach to analyzing the data coming out of their process.  Like most process control systems, they found that off-the-shelf software couldn’t meet the unique requirements that their management proposed.  Thankfully, they had a strong programming team who came up with a custom program that could transform and interpret the data as needed.  However, to be effective, this program needed access to the data in real time, as well as to the calculating power of Excel.

Use Case - Mining Process Data Analysis diagram

They found in DataHub software a solution for adding the interpretive abilities of their custom program to their system to generate the analysis they needed.  They first connected a DataHub instance to their process OPC server to acquire the necessary real-time data.  Then they connected the DataHub instance to Excel, and fed it the live data to run some pre-processing analytical formulas.  The results were then passed from Excel back to the DataHub instance, which sent them along to their custom program.  That program interprets the data and publishes the final results in its HMI.  If needed, an operator or manager can send directives from the custom program back to the process via the DataHub instance.  A bit of creative thinking, plus DataHub software, gave the company the exact data analysis and system control they needed.