Gas Monitoring System

DataHub Use Case

A mining engineering company recently used the SkkyHub service to collect data from an atmospheric sensor, and then use that data to power displays in mobile devices and web browsers.  The gas sensor is a small device that can be fitted to the belt or helmet of a miner, or attached to a piece of equipment.  It has a lighted display that can be read directly or fed to a monitoring system.  It supports Modbus and OPC data communication protocols.

Use Case - Gas Monitoring System

Working with the Skkynet technical team, the engineering company was able to run the Skkynet ETK, with DataHub Transfer Protocol (DHTP) enabled, on the gas sensor device.  They then used the ETK to configure a DHTP connection to the SkkyHub service.  Once the data was streaming there, they were able to use the SkkyHub WebView application to build web pages to display the sensor output on a desktops running in the office, as well as on mobile devices.  Now, from the office, on location, or at home, management and maintenance staff alike can quickly check the safety of the mine wherever people or equipment are working.