Iron Ore Pelletizing

DataHub Use Case

System engineers at an iron ore pelletizing plant in the Middle East needed to augment the functionality of their plant’s DCS.  Although the DCS was furnished by a major supplier, there were certain specific requirements for a project that its built-in features could not meet.  Data had to be logged to particular tables in the company database.  Operators and management needed to view certain aspects of the system from a web page.  And they needed to feed some subsets of the data into Excel to perform real-time analysis.

Use Case - Iron Ore Pelletizing diagram

To meet all of these requirements, the engineering team chose DataHub software.  The DCS was equipped with an OPC server, and they simply connected that to a DataHub instance.  With the Database feature, they were then able to log the DCS data they needed to the tables of their choice in the company database.  Using DataHub WebView application, they configured a set of screens for the operations team to monitor and do supervisory control of the system, while another set of screens were created specifically for management.  And for the company analysts, they used the DataHub DDE feature to configure a real-time connection to Excel, enabling running calculations on live, streaming data. Using DataHub software, plant management has been able to take full advantage of the valuable data previously hidden away in their DCS system.