Mine Operations

Cogent DataHub Use Case

A mining company in the Asia-Pacific region needed to aggregate data coming from different parts of their mine operations.  They found DataHub software, and saw that they could use it to connect to all of their OPC DA servers, and pull the data into a central location.  Once collected, the plan was to log the data to the company databases and possibly send emails and alerts triggered by irregular changes to the data set.

Mine Operations diagram

During the initial testing phase, in consultation with Skkynet, engineering staff decided that since their OPC DA servers were running on separate machines at different locations, it would be best to implement OPC DA tunnelling.  So, they installed a DataHub instance on each OPC server machine, and tunnelled the data to a central location.  From the central DataHub instance they were able to configure the Database and Email/SMS features to meet their requirements.

Once the DataHub solution was in place and running, the company began to appreciate the value of having all their data in a single, unified data set.  When they needed an HMI for management to get a convenient overview of their systems, they enabled the DataHub WebView application. With a minimal investment the company now has a way to monitor and do supervisory control over their operations, in addition to collecting data and sending notifications.