Mineral Processing Management

DataHub Use Case

Management at a newly-opened mine in South America initiated a project to collect data from their mineral processing plant and store it in a SQL database. The project had three goals: 1) To maintain backup files, 2) To provide office personnel with access to plant data without risk of interfering with production, and 3) To interface with corporate ERP systems. They were faced with two challenges, how to move the data securely over a one-way connection from their plant control network to their corporate network, and then how to log that data to their database.

Use Case - Mineral Processing diagram

They chose DataHub software because it could meet both of these requirements. After connecting one DataHub instance to their plant DCS system, they were able to configure a one-way tunnel between that DataHub instance and a second one running on the corporate network. From the second DataHub instance they configured an ODBC connection to their database, and were thus able to log the data. The system was up and running quickly, and the management and accounting staff were pleased to have up-to-the-second access to the most critical data coming out of their control system, with no risk of writing any values back to the control system.