External Historian

Store time-series data in popular historians

Store time-series data to InfluxDB V1, InfluxDB V2, Influx Cloud, AVEVA Historian, AVEVA Insight, OSIsoft PI, REST servers and Amazon Kinesis. Where applicable, these historians can be used for data visualization in QuickTrend and WebView, and for retrieval via OPC UA Historical Data Access.

External Historian screen capture

Why use the External Historian feature?

  • Leverage the value of popular real-time data historians.
  • Collect data remotely and tunnel it to a central location.
  • Use the store and forward capabilities to ensure no data loss.
  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a single historical record.

More information

Support for the following external historians can be added to any license pack.

Product Code Features
AVEVA Insight/Historian ADDAHI Historians
OSIsoft PI Historian ADDPI Historians
REST Historian ADDRST Historians
InfluxDB support ADDIFX InfluxDB