Connect OPC A&E servers and clients

OPC Alarms and Events (Classic), or OPC A&E, protocol from the OPC Foundation provides a way to track, report, and acknowledge alarms and events in a Windows system.

The Cogent DataHub can act as both an OPC A&E server and client program at the same time. This means it can read from multiple OPC A&E servers (while acting as a client) and make this data available to any number of OPC A&E client programs (while acting as a server).

Note: the DataHub cannot be configured to act as a source for generating alarms and events, but if it is configured as an OPC A&E client, it can pass along A&E values. This is useful for tunnelling A&E data, converting A&E data to OPC DA or OPC UA data, and allowing OPC DA or UA clients to interact with and display data from OPC A&E servers. Automatic A&E ↔ OPC DA and A&E ↔ OPC UA protocol conversions are built-in.

OPC A&E screen capture
  • Connect any number of OPC A&E servers or clients.
  • Tunnel OPC A&E across a network.
  • Convert OPC A&E to OPC DA or OPC UA.
  • Connect OPC A&E servers to any SQL database.
  • Display data from OPC A&E in a web-based HMI.
  • Connect OPC A&E to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Send emails based on data from OPC A&E.

The OPC A&E protocol can be added to any license pack.

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