Generate alarms and send notifications

Sophisticated alarm generation lets you specify different types of alarms, like multi-state, stateless and simple processing. This includes the ability to generate OPC A&E and OPC A&C alarms from real-time data, including state lifecycle and acknowledgement.

Notification screen capture

The alarm generation system uses scripted conditions and actions to enable a wide variety of tests, such as multi-tag mathematics and sliding window statistical analysis (like variance, average and slope). Alarms can be specified as patterns to match all similar devices in a system with a single configuration, allowing you to configure alarms for all your similar devices with a single configuration.

Change data values, send email, call a web hook, or send any notification (SMS, WhatsApp, Line, etc.) supported by Twilio in response to an alarm. This includes both alarms generated by the DataHub alarm generator and alarms generated externally by OPC A&E or A&C servers.

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Support for Notification can be added to any license pack.

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